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Arquitecturas/Estancias Bleda y Rosa

"While we were working on their series Cities, we started to photograph spaces related to the urban. This was the start of our special attention to and interest in symbolic and monumental spaces—palaces, noble villas, majestic cities—that manifest a dual nature: they were centres of power and decision-making, but also lived spaces, places of privacy for a variety of personages. This condition also speaks of a dual temporality: that which corresponds to the time of the historic event and that which belongs to personal biographical time. This particular tension in the nature of the spaces in Rooms is caught and accentuated through the fragmentation of architecture, with columns, floors or corners calling up a palpable and intimate space and resisting monumentalization. Our images do not describe these rooms or place us in them, but cause us to experience them and return to them through evocation."

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From on high, Cloud Gate

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Team Japan being enormous dorks || Japan on Ice Courmayeur 2007

(in case you can’t figure out what they’re doing)

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Instance #124 The Hong Kong Pyramid

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Comptine D' un Autre Ete
Yann Tiersen
Amelie Official Soundtrack
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my favorite piano piece in the history of piano pieces